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migrating to new IPv4 subnet - can we run two at once?

James Leinweber
Level 4
Level 4

I have a 5525-x firewall running ASA firmware 9.4.2(6) on which I'd like to renumber a trunked subinterface to a different IPv4 subnet.  This would be most conveniently done if I could have both the old and new subnets active simultaneously on the same vlan while we migrate all of the downstream client hosts. In theory, according to the documentation, this might be possible.  However, I haven't found a way to make this work.  Has anyone ever succeeded with this?  It fails for me identically in 9.4 and 9.6 firmwares.  Should I open a TAC, or is it hopeless?

Suppose the interface were:

interface Gi0/3.10

   vlan 10

   nameif xxx

   security-level 100

   ip address

Further suppose the end goal was "ip address", and the MAC address of the interface was 0000.1111.2222.

According to the command reference for "arp" and "route" an intermediate state with both the new address and the old address active at once might be obtainable by:

arp xxx 0000.1111.2222 alias

route xxx

However, that route statement produces

ERROR: invalid next hop address, it matches our IP address

Alternatively "route xxx" doesn't produce an error, but the new subnet doesn't work, either.

-- Jim Leinweber, WI State Lab of Hygiene

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Philip D'Ath
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