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Multi-context ASA SNMP monitoring of phisical interfaces and subinterfaces

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We are using multi-context ASA and physical subinterfaces. I am able to get interfaces' statistics from different contexts via SNMP. But the statistics from physical interfaces and subinterfaces would be very helpful for having the overall statistics of using the physical interfaces. I tried to get the overall statistics by summarizing statistics that I got from contexts (inside, outside, dmz,... interfaces) but it was very difficult andcumbersome because we have more than 100 contexts and the different physical subinterfaces can be inside/outside/dmz interfaces. Also, the configuration sometime could be changed that could lead to made the graphs irrelevant to the current situation but no one notices it.
As far as I know the necessary statistics presents only in the system-context and at this moment there is no ability to get this statistics via SNMP.


Maybe someone had the same needs and had found an acceptable solution or have any ideas?

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The ASA has been upgraded up to 9.6(4)8. After this the admin-context began to return IF-MIB counters for all the physical interfaces.

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