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Need additional interface for IDS-4250

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Level 1

I need to add an additional interface to my IDS-4250 (Cisco part number IDS-4250-TX-INT). Unfortunately, these parts are now in an "end-of-sale" status as of May 31, 2005. Does anyone know what PCI NIC this part number really is? I'm sure it's just a "normal" NIC (3Com, Intel, etc.) that Cisco was using. Any help would be appreciated.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You are looking for the wrong part number.

The part number you want is: IDS-TX-INT= (10/100/1000Base-TX for IDS 4235, 4250)

And it is still being sold by Cisco (List price $300).

It is only the base chassis IDS-4250-TX-K9 part number that has been End Of Saled in May.

The optional 10/100/1000 PCI NIC IDS-TX-INT= is still being sold for customers to upgrade their IDS-4250-TX sensors. The primary purpose for selling the additional NIC is to support InLine mode on the IDS-4250-TX sensors.

The IDS-TX-INT= can also be used in a IDS-4235 chassis for customers wanting to run InLine mode on their IDS-4235.

Because it can be used in both the IDS-4235 and IDS-4250-TX it was decided to not put 4235 or 4250 in the product number.

NOTE: IDS-4250-TX-INT is not a valid part number.

Thank you. I obtained that part number from

Here's an excerpt:

You can install the following optional PCI cards in IDS-4235 and IDS-4250. The optional PCI cards provide additional sensing interfaces.

•TX card (10/100/1000TX sensing interface, part number, IDS-4250-TX-INT=)

I'll pass the part number you provided along to my vendor. Thanks again. I really appreciate the information.


You have found an error in our documentation. This should be corrected in the next version.



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