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For a number of years we have quite happily maintained a two tier structure consisting of a failover pair of 535's on the inside, a 'no man's land' lan in the middle and a failover pair of 515's on the outside of our WAN infrastrcuture. All that exis...

jon-wyatt by Level 1
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Hi,I've LAN with PIX / which users has set as gateway and with Cisco805 / And I've LAN with Cisco805 / I need on PIX set static route for LAN where gw will be set 192.16...

hi;My problem, that i have a server in the DMZ that i can connected to it through my private network (LAN) by telnet , but i cant make conection to the server through GUI what could be the problem??thanks

jawwalit by Level 1
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Hello,My vpn connection works but I don't have access to the network. The only thing I can ping for instance is the VPN router ( Other servers or touters are not found. If I do a ping from the vpn router directly, I can ping everything...

c by Level 1
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Hi Can anyone help me with this? I'm trying to configure a PIX 515 to pass icmp messages from the dmz vlan interface configured on the PIX (Vlan 3) interface to the inside interface. its set up like thisinterface ethernet0 100fullinterface ethernet1 ...

Recently i install the PDM ver 3.0(1) on to two PIX 525 ios ver 6.3(3).There is one pix on the inside of my network and one on the outside. I am experiencing two separate issues. One does not load once the password is entered it just sits there with ...

Jcurtis by Level 1
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Hi there,Im looking for the answer about why my PIX525 rebooted6 days ago. It has never done it before so dont thinkits hardware error. I have a show crashinfo output but dont understand what all the numbers mean ex. : Saved_CrashThread Name: pix/int...

unicmd by Level 1
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The second-generation Cisco IDSM-2 protects switched environments by integrating full-featured IPS functions directly into the network infrastructure through the widely deployed Cisco Catalyst chassis. This integration allows the user to monitor traf...

sakirs by Level 1
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i get the following error when trying to add a sensor to my 2.3 VMS IDS management center:Import of sensor X.X.X.X failed.Error : Error importing configuration files from the sensor - Unable to import sensor config using RDEP: java.lang.Exception: An...

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