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Need some help figuring out what firewall to get



Preface:  We currently have an all Cisco ASA infrastructure at our core locations with Firepower and any solution we chose needs to integrate into our existing FMC.


In short we have 2-3 small offices with 6-12 workers at each.  We want to connect them into our enterprise via a security appliance (vs software VPN).  Most of our users connect via wireless.  The security appliance in question needs to be manageable via our existing FMC.  I looked at a ASA 5506W-X, but I'm very hesitant to make that call given the unit only has a 802.11n radio that supports 54 Mbps.  


I contacted a Cisco partner and he mentioned possibly looking at the Cisco Meraki product line.  I have zero experience with the Meraki line.  After doing some research on my own it looks like either the MX64 or MX65 would be the most appropriate product.  


My question is will either of these devices integrate into our FMC.  I see in the documentation there is mention of AMP cloud etc but no mention of Firepower.  The Cisco partner indicated that this line integrates into FMC, but I'm having my doubts.  


Looking for some feedback.  Thanks guys.

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abdallah malas
5506 is a Firewall while a Meraki is an Access Point with the possibility of enabling Firewall and IPS/IDS Capabilities (Licensing is a must).
Since you will use this equipment to connect do a Site to Site connection to your main office, I do recommend the 5506W-X.
You can always use the Firewall to do the connectivity and get a high bandwidth Access point for Internal users to connect (Meraki is an option). This way you will have Layered approach in security if every one of your security mechanisms fail.
One thing to be careful with Meraki, they work great though a lot of licensing is included to unlock security options.. and for 6-12 employees it's not really worth it.
Please let me know if you require any further information.