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Hello, I am going to implement a pair of FW cluster in Active/passive mode with software Firepower module.Here's what I suggest:- SFR module managed by ASDM - SFR management using interface management0/0 - FW management using inside interface G0/0 th...

h.dam by Level 1
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When I create a simple FTP entry, this works: object network BH host 99.199.xx.xx ! object network FTP_APACHE01 host nat (inside,BH) static interface service tcp ftp ftp access-list BH extended permit tcp any host eq ftp   I...

greatbay1 by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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Hi All,I am gettig the below logs in one of my ASA when trying to access one destination IP. I have site to site VPN established from this firewall and have added in VPN tunnel encryption. However I am blocking  th...

sayast001 by Level 1
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Good afternoon guys,   I've got an issue with the failover state of my Secondary ASA. Herein lies the problem.   I have a Primary / Secondary ASA. I also have a 2960X switch stack comprising of 2 physical switches. I have direct connections from ASA ...

mattipler by Level 1
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Hi all,   I've 2 firewall ASA 5525-x with SFR module installed at version 5.4.0. I've tried to update directly to version without success (as reported in release note). So, after checking the release note, I understood thtat I need first to ...

Hi, I was just wondering if there is a way to turn off dedicated to Management on the management port for the ASA 5512? every time I try i get the following error   "ERROR: It is not allowed to make changes to this option for management interface on ...

Stein IT by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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