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Network Security Solution


Hi everyone!

I'm planning to design a security system for my company like this. I do not have experence so someone plese help me to correct this.

1. Externall firewall: Working as IPS (anti worms, virus, trojan, VPN, FTPS, HTTPS) with database updated

-> using cisco 5540 with AIP card

2. Internal firewall: Working as IDS (sniffing and logging)

-> using Cisco 5520 with CSC card
3. Network Access Control

-> using CSMARS (not sure)

4. Internet Proxy: caching proxy server, web proxy, Content Filtering Web Proxy, Anonymizing proxy server, Intercepting proxy server

-> don't no which device to use.

5.Email Security gateway: anti spam, spyware, phishing..

-> don't no which device to use.

Please help me in this problem. If you have a template or any document about this solution, please share with me.

Thanks a lots,

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Marcin Latosiewicz
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Points 4 and 5 can be half done by cut-through proxy half by CSC or a solution with external filtering enginers ... IronPort/websense.

3. MARS does not work as NAC - You need either clean access or older NAC ... meaning solutions with ACS.

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