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Problem With Pix 515e. A strange connectivity problem



I have been facing a problem since 2 weeks with a brand new PIX 515e. I cannot ping from or to the PIX even from or to an inside host !! I tried every configuration I've managed to find on Internet with no success.. Also, I am not able to telnet to the unit.. I enabled the debugging for ICMP and for packets, and when I ping to the inside interface from an inside host, I get debugging messages for the packets but not for ICMP.. All the needed information is in the attached file.

I am connecting to the firewall by console only, and I tried all the ICMP permit commands, access-lists, static and dynamic natting, and everything else with no success. Any idea about fixing the problem? I am really out of ideas


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i hope that you have NOT been doing the testing using just one laptop. I hope that it is not the personal firewall issue with the laptop. Have you tried using some other machine.

Yes.. I used couple of PCs and the firewall..

Hi ,

You can try this ;

Restore the box to the factory default config ( do a wr erase) and reload and try and put the config back in before changing to another version of software.


I did this many many times; it didn't fix the problem :-((

OK, just to summerise

Layer 1 and 2 seem to be operating correctly, as you get the MAC address to populate the ARP cache.

You have tried multiple target devices, so the Layer 3 issue has to be with the PIX itself.

This suggests some sort of hardware issue, has the device ever worked?

Do you have access to another PIX image to reload, either at the same version or upgrade, assuming you have sufficient memory?

Clutching as straws here, but have you tried fixing the Speed/Duplex on both the PIX and the Switch?

Have you tried connecting the device via a hub or not inteligent device? Just in case the switch has ARP issues.

The device is a brand new; it has never worked since we have taken it out of the box !

I don't have another image, and the memory is 64 MB; so it is not too much for an upgrade.

And, yes; I tried fixing Speed/Duplex settings.. Also, I used a switch when the PIX didn't work with the cross cables.. Nothing worked..

My advise is to open a Cisco Tac case and have it RMA asap because you have 90 days of warranty from the day you purchase it.

Agreed, hardware fault, get an RMA replacement.


Before you go in for an RMA just check if you have the sh crash info.It may point to some bug.

I had similar problem with pix 515 e with 6.3.5 but with failover license .

It did not ping tftp server except from the moniter mode.

So I ran failover and once the config sync happned everthing worked like a magic.

But in stand alone mode I tried everything but could not get the box to ping the tftp server.


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