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Random Application drops after ASA Image Upgrade

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

I have a pair of ASAs 5515x in transparent mode running active standby, similar to attached diagram, bridging multiple vlans.

They have been running 9.1 (2) and I upgraded to 9.5 1 following the proper procedure on There were then reports of random application drops from one application (SAP). It started becoming more and more frequent and isolated to the site I don the upgrade on. No other applications seemed to be affected, Outlook etc.. The backend servers for SAP/Outlook are located in a remote DC.

I rolled back the Image to 9.1(2) and then the problems seemed to stop. I thought maybe IOS bug, although nothing related to this on Cisco site. I then tried today to use 9.4.1, and soon the same application issues arose. I removed the policy to stop sending copy of traffic to the IPS Sensor, to see if this made any difference but hasn't seemed to. Reason for upgrading is to support firepower services, otherwise I'd just leave it.

Any ideas / possible causes?

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Vibhor Amrodia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Were you able to check the Debug level logs from the ASA device at the time of the issue ?

I think the disconnections should have a reason if the ASA device might be dropping it.

Thanks and Regards,

Vibhor Amrodia

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