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Redis behind FTD performance issue


I have number of servers with Redis Pipeline ( enabled. A FTD is managing routing access between servers like this:

Redis client --->FTD--->Redis Servers>>>

The connectivity of server and client is okay but Something in FTD decrease the Redis Pipeline performance drastically. I tried tcp bypass and fastpath with no success.

Is anyone knows where's the issue



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Mahdi ,

Since you configured mentioned rule in prefilter Policy Fastpass then traffic should be bypassed without any additional inspection .

you can Login on FTD CLI and check :
> show cpu
> system support firewall-engine-debug
Then specify the filter and share it here

Also you need to make sure:
- Avoid discovering network
- try to Trust Known Traffic
- Elephant flows (like backup) will contribute to latency

try to follow below link to test performance of your setup :

Dear Hassan,


Thanks for your kind help. I attached the output of debug command as well as matched ACLs.

As I mentioned before I've used Fastpath to eliminate possible IPS obstacles and I don't have any discovery rule.

I manage to test Redis Pipeline with other vendor's firewall and the results were okay.

I think something in FTD for some reason queue the Pipeline's flow traffic, although I don't use any QoS rule either.


Thanks in advance.



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