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I have been receiving an error when switches that I have are not online. I use a local account to login and when I try to get into enable mode, I get % error in the authentication.  aaa authentication attempts login 5aaa authentication login default ...

Hoyt Page by Beginner
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Hello, Im trying to get a new subnet setup on my ASA5512. I've created the object group and put in the subnet. But when sitting up the NAT rule- nat (inside,outside) dynamic NAT+PAT -  its not showing up on the new objects I created.Is there somethin...

KCMM14457 by Beginner
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I'm an accidental administrator of an ASA 5555. The biggest five-alarm fires I get are "The tunnel is down! The vendor can't connect!" Then I have to prove the issue is not on our side of the tunnel. I never feel like I approach this the same way, an...

Alan Inman by Beginner
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Hi Folks,I am working in networking ( routing & switching) and firewall , I am looking for shifting my career to cyber security.Is that a good option and how to start the career in cyber security. Thanks,Rakesh Nair

Currently have an issue at the office, where the dev team(in Europe) needs to be able to work from home.Now the company has a corporate vpn which we access via Cisco europe they can only access the corp network from the office, but at ...

TroyBolton by Beginner
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Unable to establish a VPN between ASA in the above scenario.Both ASA 1 and 2 form eBGP with R1 and advertise their networks and respectively.  PC1 private IP is translated to and PC2 private IP is translated to 12.1...

VPN Site-Site.PNG
S.U.H.E.L by Beginner
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Hi Guys,I experienced a weird issue in my ASA with Firepower Services in which I am trying to change the time from local to NTP.I am just using ASDM to manage my Firepower module and based on the ASDM configuration, it is already set to the correct N...

hello , I facing a tricky issue recently. I configured a remote access ipsec vpn (ikev1) on my new ASA (v9.8).and then, when the VPN client connected the VPN, the client can access inside source only, not able the access the internet via the VPN. yep... by Beginner
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Hi everyone We are planning to reimage our ASA 5516-X to FTD image, however, we have a concern about the licensing. Currently, we have our ASA running Firepower Services (HDD Module), when migrating to FTD image, the same license that we are using wi...

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