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Resetting the admin Password for SFR Module

Hi Team,

Just wanted to know by Resetting the admin Password of SFR Module on Cisco ASA 5525-X with command "session sfr do password-reset" will break the registration between SFR and FMC?


Do we need re-register the SFR module with FMC?

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yes correct once you reset the password you need to register.


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My previous company colleague confirmed that it is not required. do you have any reference document stating that this will break SFR and FMC communication and re-registration is required?

@balaji.bandi  that's not my understanding.

The FMC registration shared key is contained in the sftunnel.conf file on the managed device. That file is not affected by the local admin user password being changed or reset.   - correct, you do not rquired to register, admin password not required to register.

@Marvin Rhoads  appoloiges, yes you are correct, it registered with registration key,


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Resetting the Admin password will not unregister the FTD from the FMC.  

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