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Script to import objects and object groups into FMC V7.X

Level 6
Level 6

Does anyone have a proven script to import objects and object groups into FMC 7.x? I have looked around the development site and cannot seem to find this exact script. Thanks in advance. 


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This depends on in what format you're going to present the objects and object groups to the script.
Is this an export (using the API?) from another FMC, or is this in ASA config excerpt, or something else(another vendor config/manual input/json/etc?)

The challenge isn't importing into FMC, but parsing of the provided material/information before importing into FMC.

In my experience, depending on how the source material is provided, I've found that re-purposing another script with slight modifications is often easier rather than trying to create a one-size-fits-all script.


Hi @Jonatan Jonasson and thank you kindly for your comments and questions. The ASA config excerpts are what I am parsing. My script can provide any CSV format required and its purpose is twofold--to create an object standard from the inconsistent objects on the source ASA and to output in any required format. I have the RESET API enabled and was able to login and browse around. I just need to know what format the objects and object groups must meet and I need the script that will import them in that format.