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Hello everyone,  I am trying to automate adding network devices to ISE using python API calls to ISE with the requests module and using JSON for the modifying of the data.  Here is an example of the code: #### import requestsimport requests.authimpor...

I'm encountering an issue when using the ftd_configuration module in Ansible to configure network objects on Cisco FTD devices. Despite following the documentation and using parameters that seem correct, I receive an error indicating 'Invalid data pr...

mtejerob by Level 1
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Hi everyone, I've been exploring the Firepower Management Center (FMC) REST API, and I'm having trouble finding a method to add certificate enrollments to devices. I've successfully created certificate enrollments using the /api/fmc_config/v1/domain/...

Hello,via API-Explorer with put dhcprelayservices working fine, but per ansible i get only first value but no server and agent records.Code via API-Explorer is working:{ "version": "m2l3jneotn6e4", "name": "NAME_DHCP-RELAY-SERVER", "ipv4RelayTi...

kscholz by Level 1
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Hello, I've been tasked to create a script that replicates MAB entries from one deployment to another using the ciscoisesdk. In my case I have 3 source sites with 1 ISE node each and a target site with 2 ISE nodes in a distributed deployment. All of ...