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SNMP Assessment

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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to prepare an SNMP assessment for a customer. As assessment my goal is to show the customers which kind of traps are the most raccomended to activate on the networking devices and which MIB files are needed to decode it correctly on the NMS.

For this reason I'm trying to write down all the traps available on the various platform (3560, 2960, 3750...) by looking on the command reference of "snmp-server enable traps" voice.

What I discovered is that the list of the commands there isnt complete, for example, I've a 3560 who is doing L3 functionalities (EIGRP) and if I look on the command reference for his IOS version I cant find the EIGRP traps despite looking on the switch shows me plenty of traps who arent described on the reference guide!

Is this because of the "Advanced IP Services"? If so, why I cant find where this traps are described?

There is no complete list who binds traps to IOS version/feature?

Thanks a lot for the help.

Best Regards


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Farrukh Haroon
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hello Sergio

Some traps are not documented in the same place because of different release dates (or ignorance from the documentation team).

You can always search these MIBS in google, e.g. the EIGRP MIB is documented here:

Also this is a very good tool from Cisco:  (Put IOS image name here)

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Hi Farrukh,

Thanks a lot for the prompt reply, I'd already discovered the sites you have mentioned.

The question is how can I find out the commands (in the "snmp-server enable traps" way) from the MIB files for my IOS version?

You know, my target is to have written which kind of commands the customer has to enable on the various networking device, like this way:

You have to enable on the C3570 X.X.X.X the following traps:

snmp-server enable traps eigrp

snmp-server enable traps bgp

And they need to exist on the switch!

Hope I've better cleared what I ment.


The recommended traps to enable varies from each network. E.g. if there is no EIGRP  on the network, there is no point in enabling the trap for it.

Here is a network mgmt. best practice document for Cisco, but it does not detail the snmp trap part that much:

I think the only meaningful way to do what you want is to 'snmp-server enable traps all...' and then disable the ones you dont want. Do it once for each platform (at the customer site). Or the other way is to use the last link I provided in the last post.



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