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Sourcefire command reference for hardware disk issues


Hello everybody,

I have a FS3500 (v4.10) with the System Error LED (exclamation triangle) and 1 hard drive LED in amber light.

The System Error LED in amber could mean RAID Controller and/or Raid Battery and/or Hard Drive issues, however having both System and the hard drive LEDs in amber makes me believe the problem is indeed with the hard drive.


Since I do not have experience with the 4.10 version, I would kindly ask you to assist me with any kind of commands/logs that could help me confirm if it is controller, battery, disk or software problem.


"" is not present.


"MegaCLI" is not recognized as a command.


"ipmitool chassis status | grep -i drive" returns the following output:

Drive Fault          : false


"ipmitool sel list | grep "error|fault" returns the following output:

f | 02/25/2011 | 09:26:27 | System Firmware Error #0x06 | Unknown Error | Asserted


The action plan is to perform a cold boot of the device and if that does not help - re-image and finally raising a Cisco TAC case for RMA, however it would be really useful if I can gather additional information of whether or not it is hardware or software issue. If a hardware problem is confirmed, a re-image would not be necessary(a re-image would be greatly complicated due to the nature of configuration, etc. Master DC 3500 with 3 registered virtual DC's to it and each virtual DC has its own sensors, all belonging to different customers with whom a maintenance window has to be scheduled). 

Thank you!

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