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SSH access issue after migrate to FTD on a FMC


Hellow experts, 

I upgraded an FTD 1140 that was running an ASA image in order to add it to the FMC server.

I Performed the configuration migration using the Firepower Migration Tool. Install the new image, add the new admin credentials and enroll the FTD to the FMC console successfully.

The problem is that I can no longer access the FTD via SSH through the management port. The FTD asks me for admin credentials but when I enter them correctly, it still gives me the access denied message. I know that the admin credentials are correct because if I connect through the console and use that same password, I can enter the FTD. I am using the new password configured after the equipment upgrade.

This access via ssh to the CLI of the FTD is very important because I can run the system support diagnostic cli and perform a more efficient verification of the equipment.

Another thing that I find strange is that the FTD does not appear in the platform settings section like the other FTDs.


FMC Details:


Cisco Firepower Management Center for VMWare


FTD Details:

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 9.12(1)6
Firepower Extensible Operating System Version 2.6(1.133)




Is there any way to create a new user from the FMC to get access on the FTD via SSH? 

No but if you use external authentication (via RADIUS) and enable it for shell access you can then use external user identities to login via ssh.


With this I have another problem and it is that this FTD does not appear in the Settings Platform section to be able to enable authentication via Radius.

Is there any specific reason why this computer migrated to the FMC does not appear in the Platform Settings part?

Please confirm this is a Firepower 1140 running FTD image. If so, what version is it running. I ask because 6.4 was the first image to even support that hardware and if you recently re-imaged it would be very unusual to run such an old image.

The recommended image for FMC would be 7.0.2 and the same on the managed device(s) - assuming they support it.



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