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Starting with WCCP

Patrick McHenry
Level 4
Level 4


We are going to start implementing WCCP. We want to configure WCCP2 on our firewall and redirect traffic from our inside interface to the web cache engine. I've read several Documents on the subject but it's still a little vague.

If we want traffic coming from the inside that is headed to the Internet to be redirected to the Web cache engine, do I enter on the inside interface:

ip wccp web-cache redirect in?

Because I want to redirect traffic that is entering the inside interface.?

Also, must I create access-list? This part of WCCP doesn't seem clear. What are the ACLs for? Doesn't the web cache engines pick up the traffic automatically?

Thanks, Pat.

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Level 7
Level 7

Patrick -

This part of the forum deals with Intrusion Prevention Sensors. You may not get the best response to your WCCP question here. I would suggest you re-post this question over in the Data Center forum.

Best of luck to you in finding your answers.

- Bob

we dont need to necessarily create access list for wccp, firewall will automatically send traffic to wccp....

the command reffered above makes asa know that there is a wccp device and it has to redirect web traffic to it.

thanks to the great facult at

who helped me understanding WCCP in great depth and prepare for my CCIE Security.....

feel free to email me for details

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