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Time in ASA log messages

Arshad Khan

Dear All,

My ASA is sync with my NTP server and showing correct time as we are in +5 GMT zone but in syslog ASA showing wrong time.

Kindly suggest regarding the same as soon as possible.



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Karsten Iwen
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VIP Mentor

That problem can be caused my many problems. Where do you see the wrong time? on the ASA or on the syslog-server? Is your timezone set correctly? You should find a config similar to this in your config (with your local parameters):

clock timezone CEST 1

clock summer-time CEDT recurring last Sun Mar 2:00 last Sun Oct 3:00

If the problem is on the syslog-server, then make sure that the ASA sends a timestamp:

logging timestamp

And your syslog-server should also sync to ntp.

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Dear Karsten,

ASA has sync with NTP source and showing corrent time when i issue show clock command. Below are for your reference.

ASA(config)#clock timezone GMT 5

ASA(config)#logging enable

ASA(config)#logging timestamp

ASA# sh clock

09:49:01.363 GMT Tue Nov 6 2012

I have configured emailing filter for certain syslog ids in ASA so when i get email alerts from ASA its showing wrong timing like ( if corrent time is 9:49am then it showing 2:49pm).


Arshad Ahmed

Any one kindly reply.

What version is your ASA?

It seems that the ASA has incorrectly added +5 to the timestamp of the syslogs.

Seems to be a feature instead of a bug because it still does this in 9.14.1

clock timezone CST -6
clock summer-time CDT recurring


logging timestamp



sho clock
13:29:19.731 CDT Fri Jun 5 2020


Jun 05 2020 18:29:30: %ASA-4-106023:... 
Jun 05 2020 18:29:30: %ASA-4-106023: ...
Jun 05 2020 18:29:30: %ASA-4-313005: ...


Marvin Rhoads
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VIP Community Legend


Not it - off in CLI by 5.

Marvin Rhoads
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VIP Community Legend


Did you bother to read the post - I'm CDT, -6 UTC and no matter what the settings, my buffer logs are +5 hours from CDT.  If it's noon on my sundial, the logs are timestamped 5PM. Every other piece of equipment is buffer logging correctly.  Only the ASA is off.  

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