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UDP Connection Timeout and Dis-Connections

Karl Blaylock

Hello All,

Just a quick one but our server team have reported that backup's using UDP from the servers in the DMZ to the internal backup system are timeing out around or just after 2 hours, and the restores also using UDP are also experincing the same symptons.  The traffic is passing through a CISCO 5585 running ASA 8.2(5) in multiple context mode.

I have checked the Global timeouts section and this is all greyed out and additionally I cannot see any class maps or policy maps which would subject this traffic to any time out controls.  I have also checked the Service Policy Rules section and cannot find anything to do/ linked to UDP connection timeouts.

Additionally what king of checks, captures or logging can I tune to determine in the logs what could be causing this issue as the connection time out termination request could possibly be coming from the backup syste.  Additionally the back system is Lagarto but I don't know any software versions but i'm sure I can ask the serevr team.


Karl Blaylock

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Luis Silva Benavides
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Karl,

It won't be worth to capture 2 hours transaction but at least 5 min before and after will help us out to troubleshoot the issue. So we need catures between the endpoits at least  5 min before the disconnect (remember to enable the keyword "trace" on the capture. Also please enable ASP drop captures); in regards to syslogs I might want to say debugging level we would be able to identify al the details.


Luis Silva
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