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unable go to configuration mode on asa

hi all 


i have asa 3des license key and i cant add the activation key using cli because i unable to go to configuration mode (no config t command on cli ) 


im using FTD local managing the asa


EGCAI01-Firepower# show version
---------------[ EGCAI01-Firepower ]----------------
Model : Cisco ASA5516-X Threat Defense (75) Version 6.5.0 (Build 115)
UUID : 2edfecc2-e0fc-11ea-8172-ea9e617e90fb
Rules update version : 2019-08-12-001-vrt
VDB version : 309

amr alrazzaz
Rob Ingram
VIP Mentor

I see the error snort generation to sqlite failed but I am not sure how to resolve this. You may want to log a call with TAC to help you troubleshoot. They may well advise to upgrade to the latest patch...


You can download the patch via the cisco website, assuming you have rights.

regarding the patch version which one to use ?

for the link that u shared is Release and the suggested release is 6.6.1 ? so which best one to use?

and i found many versions from 6.6.1 so which one to use ?:


Firepower Threat Defense upgrade
Do not untar


1246.50 MB


Firepower Threat Defense install package



1125.04 MB


Firepower Threat Defense boot image


and also how to save the current configurations on ASA before upgrade?

or no need and the upgarde will not lose the configurations and installed license?

need steps of upgrading my FTD GUI ?


amr alrazzaz
Rob Ingram
VIP Mentor

You are currently running 6.5, so is the latest patch for that major version. 6.6 is a new major version, which includes new features. It's upto you which to go for, but 6.6.1 is the latest gold star recommended version by cisco, so perhaps upgrade to 6.6.1


You would use the Firepower Threat Defense upgrade file. Download the file and upload via FDM in the Updates section.


In the GUI you have the option to run a backup, so take a backup and then download the backup file to your computer. If required you can restore from this file. If you perform an upgrade it should not lose your configuration.

unfortunately i also cant take backup from ASA please check the pic attached

the backup file not appear in the table. and i cant then download the backup copy to my system!!!

and also i dont know if i dont have luck to get the backup so can i start upgrading the version and then ill be forced after to reconfigure from scratch !!!


whats ur recommendations ?




amr alrazzaz
Rob Ingram
VIP Mentor

@amralrazzaz it doesn't seem like you can do much! Log a call with TAC to help you further


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