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unable to access ftd device via management interface


Hello all,


Somehow i lost my access to ftd managed by fmc now i only have console of my ftd device . Can anyone help me how to assigned static ip address to management port of ftd using cli.

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Shuhaib Thottathil
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Vishal,


If you have access to the FTD console then you can configure as shown below from the clish mode (>)


configure network ipv4 manual


But before I do that I would like to understand how I lost access to the FTD. 


Can you login to the FTD shell with the command "expert" and then be a root user with the command "sudo su". 

find the FTD gateway with the command "route -n" then ping the gateway.

If the gateway is not pingable then check the arp entry with the command "arp -a"


If the FTD has no arp then check the connectivity issues with the cable as well as the next hop.






Aref Alsouqi
VIP Collaborator VIP Collaborator
VIP Collaborator

Are the FTD and the FMC on the same subnet? do you still see the FTD from the FMC? did you try to ssh into the FTD from within management subnet or through a L3 device? when you console into the FTD, issue the command show network and check that all the settings are still there, if so, try to issue the command ping system <your FMC IP or default gateway>.

Thanks Aref for replying.


I have remove my ftd from fmc manager and change the mgmt ip of ftd. Now i have access to my device.




You welcome Vishal. Changing the management IP address of the FTD would not require removing the FTD from FMC and re-add it. What you could do is changing the management IP address on the FTD, and then going on the FMC and changing the FTD management IP in Devices > Device Management > click on the device > Device > Management > click the pencil icon and change the IP in there.

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