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Greetings, would anyone who has personal experience configuring a ASA 5516-X Firewall be able to give me their input? What features are turned on by default when it comes to security along with layer-6 security and what features are not on but you re...

I am having an issue where when I try and use the Quarantine DAP both my main DAP and the Quarantine Policy is getting useddynamic-access-policy-record VPN-IT-USERS network-acl IT-ALLOWpriority 4 its looking for users withing an AD group plus at leas...

ASR1k drops all incoming ESP packets. Feature: FIA_TRACE    Entry      : 0x70014590 - IPV4_INPUT_IPSEC_TUNNEL_FORUS    Lapsed time: 2240 ns  Feature: IPSec    Action    : DECRYPT    SA Handle : 2415    SPI       : 0x16329982    Peer Addr : x.x.x.x   ...

TomekT by Level 1
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Hello, I currently have a 2110 running ASA image.  It's used for AnyConnect only.  I have 1 arm on the outside(connected through a L2 switch) and 1 arm on the inside (connected through a L2 switch).  I bought another 2110 and plan to put ASA image on...

Amafsha1 by Level 2
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Hi We are on 9.8 and using remote access VPN for clients in split tunnel mode.  The issue we are having is after connecting to the any connect client, our Windows DNS is being populated with two IP's for each PC - the local home network IP and the VP...

Hi,I have internal dns server which is natted to public ip and dns permitted from inside . I am getting lot of traffic . it is psossible to limit the traffic (inspect dns are in place ) Thanks

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