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Upgradation from ASA IOS 8.0 to 8.2



I want to upfrade my ASA IOS from 8.0 to 8.2 I was jsut womderinng if someone already did it? Is there any risk involved? What things i should consider before i can move on.

I have 5520 , not in failover mode, with 512 MB RAM.


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No worries.

Should not have any problem.


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I've done it many times.

No big deal, but as always.. read the release notes just in case:

If you were to upgrade to 8.3 you would need more memory among fair amount of planning because the're a lot of changes (but not on 8.2)


So i dont need to change any config syntax like that as if i move to 8.3 , right ?

i will go through the realese notes and will revert in case of any confusion.

No worries.

Should not have any problem.


Hardware will be ok? Existing is 5520, 512 RAM, 256 Flash ?

Appreciate if you could briefly mention Upgrade and in case fall back steps too for me. Thanks much.

You can run 8.2 on your 5520 with 512 RAM and 256 Flash.

Obviously if you have more RAM it will run better..

Cisco recommends that you watch the performance, so if ''sh memory'' shows less than 20% free after the upgrade you might want to upgrade the RAM.

What I've done is that I leave both images in Flash.

So, check ''sh flash'' and make sure both .bin files for 8.0 and 8.2 are there.

You set the command ''boot system flash:<8.2> and reboot the ASA.

Check the ''sh ver'' to make sure it started with 8.2

Watch the performance...

If fine leave it with 8.2

If having memory problems or want to get back, set the command to ''boot system flash:<8.0> and restart again.

It will again restart with 8.0


Great Thanks,

Current output for memory is but i will really see after upgrade how it goes.

Free memory:       285511040 bytes (53%)
Used memory:       251359872 bytes (47%)
-------------     ----------------
Total memory:      536870912 bytes (100%)

Also i need to upgrade ASDM to 6.3(3) , right ?

ASDM 6.2 should also work.


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