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Use NAC Web Agent login with Ipad

Hello Guys,

I'm using NAC 4.8, and I'd like to login using NAC Web Agent on Ipad.

When I'm trying to do that, I'm receiving a message on Ipad that I need to install Java Plug-In, but there is no JavaPlug-in available for Ipad.

Does anyone know if there is any aditional configuration that I have to do on NAC Manager to be able to access the network using NAC Web Login on Ipad ?

Best Regards

Shrikant Sundaresh
Cisco Employee

Hi Luciano,

Unfortunately, the NAC Web Agent and the persistant Agent are not supported for the iPad operating system. (It is called iOS). The following table documents this fact under footnote 3:

Only normal Web Login with Safari browser is enabled.

Hope this helps.


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Hello Shrikant,

I did say Nac Web Agent, but actually I'm using the normal web login.

Here is what  I'm doing.

I'm openning the safari web browser and accessing  the NAS Server's IP Address.

And then, I receive the following message:

Cisco Clean Access Java Applet web client coult NOT be launched. The reasons might include:

java plug-in is not installed in your browser

java applet is disabledin your browser's security settings

Best Regards

Hello Shrikant,

I think I found the problem. I had to create on NAM a new login page at "Administration > User Pages" for MAC_ALL operating system and disable the options " Use web client to detect client MAC address and Operating System" and "

Use web client to release and renew IP address when necessary (OOB)".

After that, I'm able to access the login page. But it will not work for OOB, that is the expect behavior I think.

Best Regards

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