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VPN remote server connection issues


I would appreciate any help you have to offer. I have been tossed into a network admin role and knowledge level is minimal !

When I log into the VPN from home ( Router A is the VPN router ) I am not able to communicate with any servers in our remote location. I can successfully communicate with any server in the 123.345.567.0 span, and I can ping from Router A to any server on either network, along with the internet.

.. Router B is in the remote location behind that router are three servers that I can not access. Router b is also unable to ping anywhere except its 201.351.381.0 network ...

I have included the show run config and also the show interfaces and show routes. I have changed all my Ip addresses for security reasons.

Thanks for any help you can provide, even if it is that everything looks ok, which would rule out the routers as being the problem. :-)

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As I can understand from your note & configs, you connect on VPN remotely to router A. You are able to access 123.345.567.0 network from the remote VPN. am i right ?

now.. where is router B and how is it connected to router A ?? I cannot see any VPN configs on RB, which means you will use it through RA. Just let us know how the LANs of RA & RB communicating at present. Is it through a private Link or through internet ? I can see a serial interface with in Rb but couldnt see any interface with in Ra..

do let us know

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