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Ask the Expert- SD-WAN

EEM script to capture logs when Double-bit ECC error is seen



Double-bit ECC error causes LC reboot as soon as the error is seen, hence we do not have sufficient time to capture all the logs whenever Double-bit ECC error is seen. In eXR system the issue is more severe as the logs captured after Double-bit ECC error is stored in LC disk. The logs are lost incase the LC is replaced with a different LC.


The current solution is only for eXR based system. We can use an EEM script to make sure that all the logs are captured as soon as Double-bit ECC error is hit. Sample script is attached to this document(File Name:


The script does following:

1. Disable LC reload

2. Capture all the logs(NP datalog/show tech NP etc).

3. Reload the LC

Configs required in the Node

event manager environment _syslog_pattern .*(Double-bit ECC error detected).*

event manager directory user policy harddisk:

event manager policy ecc_capture.tcl username eem persist-time 3600 type user

aaa authorization eventmanager default local

username eem group root-lr

username eem group cisco-support

Steps to enable the script

1. Save script on harddisk of both RSP and name it ecc_capture.tcl

2. Add the configuration mentioned in "Configs required in the node" section


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