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EEM Script to Manually flap the error disabled interface


EEM Script to Manually flap the error disabled interface due to "link-oam-session-down" once the Rx Power on the interface recovers.


A router interface generally doesnt send an RFI when the RX power drops below certain levels.

To mitigate that, one can enable CFM to monitor the RX state and errdisable the interface in question.

If the interface is put into error-disabled state once the Rx power on the interface is below the Rx power threshold. It is required to bring the interface back up automatically once the Rx power on the interface recovers.

This script will help managing that automatically without any manual intervention.


Following is logic used by EEM script:

1. Monitor Rx power of Err-disabled inerface every minute.

2. Once Rx Power recovers, it flaps the interface.

Router's Configs:

event manager environment _cron_entry * * * * 0-6

event manager directory user policy harddisk:/scripts/

event manager policy script_err_dis_v2_1.tcl username event_manager_user

persist-time 3600

username event_manager_user

group root-system

group cisco-support


aaa authorization commands eem-method none

aaa authorization eventmanager default local

vty-pool eem 100 105 line-template eem-template

  line template eem-template

authorization commands eem-method

More Scripts: EEM Script Repository

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