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Ask the Expert- SD-WAN

EEM Script to monitor ASR9001 PowerModule voltage



ASR9001 DC chassis doesn't prints a syslog incase voltage for one of the Power Modules goes below certain threshold. Because of this the monitoring of PowerModule for any failure becomes difficult. This may cause outage incase of double failure scenarios.


An EEM script can be used to monitor the Voltage levels of power modules periodically and raise alarm incase the voltage goes below certain threshold.


Configuration to be done on the node(to run script every 1 min):

event manager environment _cron_entry * * * * *
event manager directory user policy harddisk:/scripts/
event manager policy power_module_mon1.tcl username event_manager_user persist-time 3600
telnet vrf default ipv4 server max-servers 100
username event_manager_user
 group root-system
 group cisco-support
aaa authorization commands eem-method none
aaa authorization eventmanager default local
line console
 exec-timeout 0 0
vty-pool eem 100 105 line-template eem-template


Please change the Cron parameters incase the EEM script needs to run at a different interval.


EEM script logic

1. The EEM script checks for "admin show env power" on each iteration and greps for Voltage levels for PowerModule

2. If the voltage level is below certain threshold(in this example 10) then it logs a syslog "0/PS0/M0 Voltage out of range ALARM SET"

3. Once the alarm condition is cleared then it prints "0/PS0/M0 Voltage out of range ALARM CLEAR"

Script Location

Please see attached

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