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Getting Started with ENCS


This document provides step by step instruction on getting started with ENCS 5400 series platform.

ENCS 5400 series is a purpose built compute platform for networking use-cases. Following is a quick overview of hardware ports.ENCS Management OptionsENCS Management Options



ENCS 5400 Front PanelENCS 5400 Front Panel









Initial setup and management

  • Power on the ENCS. Plugging the power cable is adequate to power on the platform, there is no requirement to press power button.

  • Connect the MGMT-CIMC port(#12) to a PC with address in or above.

  • CIMC should now be accessible for chassis management via Default username is "admin", default password is "password". Change the IP address, netmask, default gateway via admin->network settings GUI and move the Ethernet cable connection to lan switch.

Install NFVIS (Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure Software)

  • Connect to CIMC web interface and bringup the KVM console (With CIMC version 3.1.x and later, a HTML based KVM console can be launched)

  • Virtual Media--> Activate Virtual Devices

  • Virtual Media--> Map CD/DVD

  • Select the NFVIS iso file (iso can be downloaded from this link). The latest available NFVIS version is 3.12.2FC2

  • Click on Map Drive

  • Power cycle system (cold boot)

  • Hit F6 to enter the Boot Menu

  • Select vDVD mapped KVM

  • Proceed with the installation of NFVIS software. NFVIS Fresh Install from ISONFVIS Fresh Install from ISO
  • Change Admin password from default admin:Admin123#

In factory default setting of NFVIS, for "admin" username, first step is to change password from default password "Admin123#" to something like "Cisco123#", combination of uppercase, lowercase, number and special character.

  • Configure hostname, and assign a management IP for NFVIS access.

  • Connect Ethernet MGMT-CPU port(#6) to the network for management access. For enabling IP based access over Ethernet for NFVIS, use the serial console connection port #5.









After the system setting configuration in NFVIS, the NFVIS local portal is accessible via port #6 MGMT-CPU Ethernet connection.

NFVIS Management IP SettingsNFVIS Management IP Settings

NFVIS default Network settings for ENCS platform:ENCS 5400 factory default settingsENCS 5400 factory default settings

1. NFVIS can be accessed by default via the FP GE WAN ports or via the dedicated Management port

2. NFVIS 3.10+ Default association: GE0-0 to wan-br, GE0-1 to wan2-br. Both wan-br and wan2-br are enabled for DHCP by default. DHCP is attempted(cycle between GE0-0, GE0-1) until one of the ports acquire DHCP address.

3. PnP will be attempted over the wan facing network with  path to default gateway. Pre-NFVIS 3.10, no wan2-br created by default, no dhcp by default via GE0-1.

4. The Management port on ENCS is set to to to access NFVIS

5. All Switch ports – GE 1/0 to GE1/7 is associated to LAN bridge

6. An internal management network (int-mgmt-net) and a bridge (int-mgmt-br) is created and is internally used for system monitoring.networks.JPG

Upload, Register and Deploy Router

Next step is to ensure that the image package for NFVIS is uploaded in the local repository. Image Registration is attempted automatically

Note: In cases where a vendor does not publish  image package for NFVIS, user would build the package. Instructions to build image package for NFVIS Upload image package into local repositoryUpload image package into local repositoryStart UploadStart Upload










Uploaded ISRv image is ActiveUploaded ISRv image is Active









Deploy ISRv RouterDeploy ISRv Router

Following is an example

of deploying a ubuntu linux from .iso format.


Manage and Monitor VNF

Manage and Monitor VNFManage and Monitor VNF