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How to Deploy a SDWAN-XE virtual instance on ENCS/NFVIS


Background : There is growing interest for SDWAN capability on NFVIS based virtual branch. SDWAN XE code enables SDWAN with key features that are part of IOS XE codebase, including WAN diversity option with T1/E1, LTE, etc. 

This Howto document provides the required information for creating a virtual branch with SDWAN XE image. 


Hardware and Software versions used

ENCS 54xx hardware

NFVIS 3.8.1 or above

SDWAN XE ISRv 16.9.2 or above

vManage suite 18.3.1 or above



NFVIS installed on a hardware with access to the on-box web GUI

Access to vManage management, path for control connections from SDWAN devices.

Device serial file with ISRv specific UUID and Tokens available in vManage. 


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1 : Prepare vmanage, vsmart, vbond to authenticate root-certificate and deploy device certificate after verification of one time use token.
Create and attach template to Device ID with site-specific parameters populated. This allows for vmanage to generate bootstrap config for use in step 3.
Step 2 : Upload Image and create/deploy the SDWAN XE virtual instance on NFVIS/ENCS.
In this step, bootstrap config is generated from vmanage for DeviceID and passed on to the virtual instance deployed at remote site with this specific file name
Step 3 : Verify that the the SDWAN XE virtual instance on-boarded is accepted by vManage suite.


Step 1 Associate Template in vManage to a device



attachtemplate1.jpgConfirm Attaching Device to Template is Successful

 attachtemplate2.jpgGenerate Bootstrap Configuration

 attachtemplate4.jpgSelect and Generate Bootstrap config in Default format

 attachtemplate5.jpgcopy-n-paste or download bootstrap configuration

 Step 2 : Upload SDWANXE image onto device and Deploy the Router instanceupload00.jpg


uploadimage0.jpgUpload SDWAN XE image into Image repository

active registration.jpgImage Registration Successful

 Deploying an SDWAN instance with day 0 bootstrap configuration.

 deploy XESDWAN.jpgDeploy XE-SDWAN and ASAv FirewallVerify registration of router to vManage

registration.jpgToken is validated and device certificate is pushed


Should probably also mention that you need to reserve a Software Device in PnP first so that you can sync it over to vManage. "+ Add Software Device" to the applicable SMART Account then "Sync Smart Account" inside of vManage before the steps listed above.


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