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How to Design and Provision NFVIS vBranch using DNAC


This document describes step by step procedure to Design and Deploy SDWAN Router and Firewall on NFVIS platform. 

Hardware and Software used in this guide

  • DNAC 1.2.5
  • NFVIS Version 3.9.2 FC4
  • ENCS5408/K9
  • vedge-cloud


NFVIS installed on (supported) hardware and access to the local management Web-GUI.

DNAC installed on appliance and access to the management GUI.

Step-by-step instructions

This document assumes that Sites, Network Settings are created and available in the DNAC system.

Upload Images into image repository

Import vedge-cloud sdwan and paloalto firewall packages onto DNAC image repository


importvedge.jpgupload vedge-cloud

importpafw.jpgupload paloalto firewall package for NFVIS

taggolden.jpgSelect version for use in design and deployment

Create vBranch Network Design


builddesign1.jpgPlatform and WAN

builddesign2.jpgSelect Network Functions


builddesign3.jpgAdd Custom Network

builddesign4.jpgSwitch Configbuilddesign5.jpgCustom Config Templatesbuilddesign6.jpgDesign Completebuilddesign7.jpgAssociate Design and Site(s)


Configure vManage access info in DNAC

vmanageinfo.jpgvManage info in DNAC settings

Discover device and add to Inventory

discovery1.jpgDiscover Device

Provision vBranch

provisiondesign1.jpgProvision workflow start

provisiondesign2.jpgProvision Router WAN Address


provisiondesign3.jpgComplete bootstrap configuration for VNFs


provisiondesign4.jpgVerify design and Deploy


provisiondesign5.jpgDNAC starts deploying design with configuration


provisiondesign6.jpgProvision complete Success

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