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IR 809 unable to console


My router IR 809 shows LEDs status as below (all is amber) and I also can't console it

Does any one face the problem like this one ?

please help







Hi Kanmai, I'd try the console cable on another device to rule that out. The steady amber on RSSI appears to indicate a weak wireless signal ( I'd also double check my terminal settings (but if you can connect to another device, they're likely fine.

We have had this issue with 5 of our IR809 routers so far. They were installed in the field in good working order and then one day they died, no idea what is happened to them. I have tried multiple combinations of the reset button while powering to try to get console access but no luck. I have sent two of these router to Cisco for EFA analysis to see what's wrong.

We purchase a new router IR809 and facing the same problem as stated above.  Can some one guide how to fix this issues?







my router is damaged by lightning via antenna so I change the new one and install lightning and surge protection. normally, if the router is ok, it can be able access via console.

make sure the console cable and the parameter

if all the thing is correct, so router may not be ok.



Here is the comment I received from Cisco regarding our IR809s:


There were actually two issues as identified by the following defects on the IR809 which are externally visible. 

CSCvc95052 - IR809 fails to boot up despite several power cycle attempts

CSCve95308 - IR809 sensitivity to fluctuating battery power source


The recommended IOS’s 15.6(3)M3 and 15.7(3)M resolves these issues on IR809. It is recommended to move to 15.6(3)M4 or 15.7(3)M1 (CSCvf39847) for that platform. Please review release notes.


The IR809 and IR829 were susceptible to the Intel CPU CMOS corruption weakness which caused the CPU to lockup and fail to boot the device. The FPGA in the units with v2.7 resolves both the issues by ensuring a graceful shutdown of the CPU when power fluctuations and frequent outages/hits occur. Therefore this is resolved with software with the recommended IOS releases above.

Once Cisco saw the issue the decision was made to RMA those devices if the issue occurred because the CPU appeared to be in a stuck state.  However clearing the CMOS (CPU internal SRAM) or disconnecting the RTC battery for a sufficient enough time (by opening the chassis and detaching the daughter-card from the motherboard for 15 minutes minimum) seems to fix the CPU, and any subsequent power cycle produces a successful boot. This is not a preferred resolution for customers or Cisco for obvious reasons therefore the decision to RMA upon failure. Therefore it is highly recommended to upgrade to the recommended IOS versions.



i have a identical problem like the one expose above. the SYS led it's from a solid green ( 2 or 3 seconds ) to blinking ambar ( 2 times) and do not have anything at the console . 

 i can´t open the router to take off the battery because it will loose the warranty  . any idea ? 


Thanks in advance , Regards



@memyselfi, I have always had to just sent them back to Cisco for RMA replacement.

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