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ISR1100X-4G and ISR1100X-6G Platform Overview and Architecture- Community Live FAQ


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This event had place on Tuesday 23rd, March 2021 at 10hrs PDT 


The expert went over the Cisco ISR1100X Series platforms for the SD-WAN branch solution and how it fits into Cisco’s overall branch offerings. The new ISR1100X Series platforms, and their predecessors ISR1100 Series platforms, now support both Cisco IOS XE SD-WAN and Viptela OS. Prakash will go over the key feature differences between these two operating systems and what benefits customers will get when they migrate to Cisco IOS XE SD-WAN. Prakash also reviewed some of the use cases that these platforms address and lastly will cover the migration options for these platforms from Viptela OS to Cisco IOS XE SD-WAN.

Join us to exchange experiences, as well as the best practices to troubleshoot its common issues!

Featured Expert

Featured Speaker

Prakash is a Technical Marketing Engineer and has been with Cisco for about one year. His overall experience working on Cisco products is 13+ years, with involvement in different technologies in the routing and switching world. He currently leads WAN Optimization, vEdge, ISR1100, and ISR1100X Series products from the technical marketing side. As a Technical Marketing Engineer he is responsible for collaborating with different stakeholders on product development, monitoring product performance, and training marketing teams on product specifications and functionalities.

You can download the slides of the presentation in PDF format here.

Live Questions

Q:Does it make sense to do SD-WAN if you are only using private metro ethernet links?

A: You can deploy SD-WAN with any WAN transport media as lo0ng as Edge Devices can reach out to the Cloud or Enterprise Sd-WAN controllers. When you say Metro ethernet link, I would assume it is L2 service from the provider.

Q:What can the USB3.0 4.5W port be used for?

A:Depending on the device, USB type A 3.0 ports support can provide capabilities for (1) convenient storage (2) Connect a 4G LTE Dongle for LTE connectivity. Please note that 4G LTE dongle support is available right now with Viptela OS only in the case of ISR1100-4G or ISR1100-6G.

Q:To order the ISR 1100 may I need the DNA license? In case without sd-wan I mean IOS-XE only.

A: The ISR1100 and 1100X series devices need a DNA subscription license. They do not support Non-SDWAN mode.

Q:Which IOS version support all this used umbrella,ipsec tunnels DIA...Viptella or IOS-XE?

A:Both of them do. If you want a more detailed comparison, the datasheet is available online. There's also a slide coming up that talks briefly about which security features are supported on the Viptela OS and XE SD-WAN operating systems.¬

Q: Do you mean they not support IOS-XE only?

A:Thats correct, they support only controller mode using IOS XE SD-WAN or Viptela OS. They do not support Autonomous mode using IOS XE.

Q:Is there a rackmount power supply option?

A:Yes, there's a single rackmount that has a provision to secure both the router as well as the external power supply.¬

Q: Is there a rackmount bracket for the included external adapater?

A:There's a picture of the rackmount coming up in one of the slides later. You can also find it here on page 28:

Q:Does IOS-XE SD-WAN support all routing protocols like eigrp,bgp,ospf etc?

A: Yes. A more exhaustive list of protocols and features that are supported can be found in the datasheet here:

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