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Route Summary Tool


Route Summary Tool



Have you ever looked for a tool that can convert thousands of routes to summarized routes?


This tool can help you minimize the number of routing entries in the network. The tool consolidates aggregate-able IPv4 and/or IPv6 routes into summary routes. The input should contain IPv4 or IPv6 addresses with maskbits notation (x.x.x.x/y or x.x.x.x::x/y) The IP addresses can be part of existing output in e.g. 'show ip route', no need to filter the output before using this tool.

 Example output:


Use Cases


This tool can be used to summarize routes from for example:


show ip route

show ip bgp


You can use the summarized routes to create aggregate route configuration in OSPF or BGP.




Upload show ip route or show ip bgp output to the tool and run the script to get summarized routes output. Data can be copied next to the "IPv4/IPv6 routes" section as shown with the red box. Click "summary" to generate the summarised routes.


Thanks, works well. Sometimes you'll need to reload the page because the summary doesn't produce any output.

Will there be improvements made to this tool?

Feature request would be to input a list of static routes and have it summarize the whole list. (some static routes may have additional cost applied)

Cisco Employee


I tried accessing this URL over the public Internet, with no success. Are we looking to make this tool available to end customers?

Thank you.


Cristian Venegas

Technical Solutions Architect - Cisco


There is a notice on the Route Summary Beta page that it's going to be retired on Sep 16, 2019. But no other details were given as to whether it will be replaced or completely removed or integrated into something other tool. Anyone have details around this?




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