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Unable to use sdm using gns3 in windows 7 (HELP)



i install gns3 on my windows 7 pc , i have no issue with it, except  when i try to configure sdm i always fail.

here is the step which i did

router series =7200 (c7200-advipservicesk9-mz.124-2.T.bin)
ip address
ip http-server

ip http-secure
username xyz password abc

[I m using virtual pc with my router ]

vpc 24

after that i can successfully ping my router and my vps with each other , but when i launch SDM and give the ip address of my router after that i m unable to connect with my router it also doesnt ask username and password, i dont know what i am doing wrong. plz see my attach for detail 

plz help me guys 

Thanks In advance 
Ashish Sood 


is any body experience to instal and configure gns3 on windows 7


I don't think it should matter if it's Win7 or WinXP with GNS3.  I think your issue is the connection between your PC and the GNS3 environment.  Have you connected your PC to the GNS3 environment?  Typically you need to do this via a Windows Loopback Interface.

Try checking the GNS3 forums and the BlindHog website for GNS "How-To" and Tutorials.  I found this tutorial on the website, it may help:

The VPCS application is nice to use however the VPC can only do a ping, traceroute and echo to a layer 4 port.  It is not a full PC interface into the GNS environment.

I have GNS3 0.7.2 and VPCS 0.16c running on my Win7 desktop machine and my WinXP laptop.  The perform quite well within their limitations.


But , i think u dont know we cant configure loopback adapter in windows 7 which is working with gns 3



I am trying to install SDM in windows 7, while running the network device list file i am getting following error.

I have also truned off the firewall.

Network adapters on this machine:

Unable to create lock file "c7200_i0_lock".
VM default: unable to create instance!
C7200: unable to create instance!

Use as follows:
  F0/0 = NIO_gen_eth:\Device\NPF_{...}

Press any key to continue . . .

And also tired with admin login. Please help on this.



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