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Ask the Expert- SD-WAN

Verify physical connectivity, mac


Description of the issue

When the user attempts to connect to the network, the connection fails, and the status of the Network Adapter is 'disconnected'.

Possible causes

  • Interface status issues. In this case, the interface status on the switch is 'disconnected'.
  • Interface errors. In this case, the errors could be caused by one of the following:
    • The connectivity speed between the user's device and the Switch port do not match.
    • There are corrupted packets on the user's device.


Interface status issues

If there is an issue with the interface status, check for the following, the issue could be because of faulty cables, issues with the patch panel cable, and so on. Change the cable or connect the cable to an alternative port.

Interface errors

If there are interface errors, check for mismatches between the user device and the Switch port, and for corrupted packets on the user device.

Commands before the introduction of LISP

Switch#sh int Te1/0/37
TenGigabitEthernet1/0/37 is up, line protocol is up (connected)

Switch#sh ip int b | in 1/0/37
Te1/0/37 YES NVRAM up up

Commands after the introduction of LISP

There are no changes in the commands.

Serviceability recommendations for Cisco DNA Center and Switch


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