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Webcast FAQ- Cisco SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for CoLocation




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aaron.pngAaron Rohyans currently works on the SD-WAN Product Team within Enterprise Networking as a Technical Marketing Engineer. As a member and contributor of the team, he acts as a technical evangelist and enabler for partners and customers alike - bringing awareness to the need for Cisco SD-WAN, as well as the solution’s capabilities. He has been active in the Information Technology industry for several years with a Cisco-centric focus on Security, Routing/Switching, and Collaboration. Aaron graduated from the University of Indianapolis in 2005 with a degree in information systems and achieved his CCIE Security designation in 2008 (#21945).


You can download the slides of the presentation in PDF format here. The related Ask The Expert session is available here. The complete recording of this live Webcast can be accessed here.


Cisco SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for CoLocation


Q: What is the performance for each appliance for this solution?

A: Each appliance has multiple 10Gb/ps links into the C9500s. It is feasible to get 10+Gb/ps out of the solution, but much of this depends on the VNF capabilities (i.e. how much RAM/CPU you've allocated and whether they are running OVS/SR-IOV).


Q: Can I run CUCM on the CSP?

A: Yes, CUCM can be run as long as it can run on KVM.


Q: Does those CSP server supports container? 

A: CSP servers don't support containers in this solution today. However, we are happy to look into containers please let Aaron know what use cases are you thinking about.


Q: Why CUCM not supported on KVM?

A: NFVIS is based on KVM, so it can support only KVM based VNFs.


Q: Can WAAS be part of deployment?

A: Yes, you can virtualize and utilize Cisco WAAS on this solution 


Q: Does an external router/firewall is required for this setup or can CSP act as a perimeter device on its own?

A: An external router is not required, they can be determined on a virtual router.
The only situation in which you need to use a physical router is when you have circuits that are no internet circuits.


Q: Is there any way to provide voice capabilities with this environment?

A: Yes, however, it depends on the voice capabilities are you refer to.


Q: Can we run it on Packaged contact center enterprise (PCCE)?

A: We currently have not qualified PCCE to run in this environment however if there is a KVM based VNF for PCCE then it can run in the environment.


Q: Does it act as hub and spoke?

A: This creates a selective hub and spoke. The reason why it is selective is because Cisco SDWAN has the capabilities of creating a mix of full mesh and hub and spoke topology depending on the policy that is put in place.


Q: Why this Co-lo virtual can't be setup in the Cloud itself, what is the advantage of a hop in between Remote and Cloud?

A: The coLocation makes it cloud neutral so that you don't need to replicate the same environment as you add more clouds within your environment.


Q: This solution only apply for those who have already colo, what about if I don't plan for colo what is the best solution with/without SD-WAN?

A: Cisco see a better fit with coLocations but if you like you can put this solution at any aggregation site. Alternately, Cisco also have solutions that allow you to put virtual functions at the branch.


Q: What are VNF supported?

A: Currently, we have certified Palo Alto, Checkpoint, Fortinet, Avi and are working on F5. However, the solution is based on KVM, so any KVM-capable image can run on it. We fully support 3rd party app integration. The list above simply shows which VMs we know work.


Q: What about specific traffic (Service chaining) and traffic toward cloud provider?

A: The solution can apply policies on traffic traversal.


Q: How the solution scales in case of traffic growth?

A: At a minimum, the solution will have 2x CSP5444 and 2x C9500s. If necessary, you can add up to 6 more CSPs (total of 8 CSPs - 192 CPUs, 768GB RAM, 20TB Hard Disk).



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