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Why Cisco Embedded Networks?


Cisco Embedded Networks products provide reliable, highly secure operation in the most harsh environments and extreme temperatures to meet the most demanding applications.

Designed for use in public safety, transportation, defense, oil and gas exploration, energy and mining, Cisco Embedded Services products can bring your business closer to the benefits of the IoT.

Benefit from Embedded Services Products

  • Protect your investment with a platform that adapts to new features, capabilities, capacity, and applications.
  • Optimize connectivity and enhance your users' experiences, even when bandwidth is limited.
  • Increase flexibility; use our products in a wide range of networking equipment and systems.
  • Deliver new capabilities and services by integrating network functions with third-party technologies.
  • Protect your network from unauthorized access with user and device authentication, and identity and threat management.

Please view our video to learn more:

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