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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Enterprise Switching Business Unit is glad to announce Beta release 16.12.2 for all Catalyst 9200/9300/9400/9500/9600 and Catalyst 3650/3850 Platforms. This release is made available to allow users to test, evaluate and share feedback before General Availability (GA). We encourage customers and internal users to test the Beta code and share your feedback as soon as possible. 

Obtaining Pre-Release Software 

Please fill-up a simple request access form 



What’s New in 16.12.2?

16.12.2 is a Maintenance Release code common for all Catalyst 3000 and 9000 platforms and brings in several fixes and improvements.  Some of the notable improvements include:



  • Overall platform stability, defect fixes and improvements
  • Defect fixes and improvements with link and duplex negotiation
  • Better memory management

Stackwise Virtual (SVL)

  • Improved handling on SSO and Switchover scenarios
  • Better memory management for SVL on standby switch
  • Enhanced DAD handling and link detection for SVL


  • Improvements in session handling 
  • Defect fixes on DACL downloading and programming 
  • Better logging and serviceability 


Please submit your valuable inputs on the Feedback form provided below or email us @


Note: The software is intended for lab test environments only and not recommended for Production use. 


16.12.2 Beta Release Resolved Caveats


DDTS  Headline
CSCvq13053 NAT translation entry not cleared after fin-rst time-out
CSCvp29446 PVLAN trunk: DHCP snooping- Prom Trunk send packets with secondary vlan tagged
CSCvq77496 C9200 interface comes up in half-duplex mode even if interface is forced to "duplex full"
CSCvq77579 poe_lldp_power_source_set_value crash when LLDP disabled
CSCvq91675 The active and the standby Sup crashes due to ccmc crash when upgraded to 16.12.1.
CSCvr02304 Bootloader version is not upgraded when C9600 is upgraded to 16.12.1
CSCvq60111 Packets are getting dropped when doing fast moves because of throttling timers
CSCvo02294  L3 configs are lost when upgraded to 16.11.1 or 16.12.1 from Pre-16.11.1 release
CSCvq96329 During 16.6.4a -> 16.12.1 upgrade, SBY SUP gets reloaded one more time due to v-mismatch
CSCvq76473    Cat9500 running 16.11.1 crashed when running "show interface flowcontrol"
CSCvr07162 system crash on execute \"fed TCAM utilization\"


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