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Rodney Dunn
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

ASR1000 Series Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Is the layer 2 (L2) header included in the shaping and policing calculations for QOS/MQC configuration?

A) Yes. The L2 header (including dot1q header) and IP datagram length are included in the shaping and policing calculations. However, CRC or any other inter packet overhead (preamble, inter packet gap, etc.) are not included in the calculation.

Q) Does modifying the output hold queue depth via the interface command hold-queue <value> out increase the hardware queue length to hold packets?

A) No. The depth of the output side queues can only able to be changed via the queue-limit command under a MQC service policy class. An example would be:

policy-map increasequeue
      class class-default
          queue-limit 500

Q) How is the default queue-limit calculated for an output interface?

A) The default-queue-limit is the greater of the following:

     1) 50 msec of interface bandwidth

     2) A value equal to approxmiately 1 MTU


Q) Is EoMPLS supported on the ASR1000 platform?

A) With RLS4 2.4.0 12.2(33)XND the following EoMPLS is supported:

     1) like2like EoMPLS for port, vlan, qinq and qinany (between 2 remote PEs)

     2) EoMPLS with IP or bridged interworking (between 2 remote PEs)

     3) like2like local switching (within 1 PE) for port, vlan, qinq and qinany

     RLS4 does not support local switching between 2 different types of attachment ciruits. ie: between an ethernet port and a VLAN on the same router.


Q) Wat is lsmpi_io memory pool?

LSMPI (Linux  Shared Memory Punt Interface) memory pool is being used to transfer  packets/messages from the forwarding processor to the route processor.  This memory pool is carved at router initialization into pre-allocated  buffers.

See more about it in this document:

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