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Mohamed Alhenawy
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Today, I going to write about network automation, The main Major of network automation is automating the configuring and managing devices through automation tools, testing, deploying the network devices within a short time, and operating smoothly.


Network automation comes to automate tasks and reduce the time and cost, Etc..,  and the important goal is to reduce human error and lower operating expenses.


Let's take a general view of the network automation together before we delve into the main core purpose of this topic "Postman Tool".


- Network Automation Tool Such as >>>  Postman, Ansible, Puppet and some of them run with agent & agentless.

1_a6X94xx-nFIRIcmtgdoBMQ.gif- API is Application programming interface API is a mechanism that allows the interaction between applications using a set of specifications and protocols such as Booking website I want to make my hotel reservation so I have to open the website and choose the date and the website will check with the own database server and get back to me by the price and payment method, etc.., so who is a coordinate between my device and database of the website, it is the website which is (API) in this example, API has two types <Local Application>, <Remote Application>.


- API transport protocol >>> Restful, Netconf.

- Data formate such as >>> Yaml, Json, XML.

- Data Model Such as  >>> SMI, YANG.

Let's go back to the Postman Tool:

a postman is a great tool when trying to analyze RESTful APIs made by others. Postman is an API(application programming interface) development tool that helps to build, test, and modify APIs.  It has the ability to make various types of HTTP requests (POST, GET, PUT, PATCH, Delete).


- POST >>> To create resources objects.

- GET  >>> To retrieve a resources.

- PUT  >>> To create or replace the resources.

- PATCH >>> To create or update the resources object.

- Delete >>> To delete a resources.

api-lifecycle.gif* How I get the Postman Tool?

You can get the postman tool from  and choose the right version which compatible with your environment.

* How to install the Postman tool?

Postman Tool installation process such as a normal installation with a few buttons of NEXT >> NEXT >> finish after this sign in by your google account or whatever you have.


202.JPGAs we know Cisco DNA Center accepts REST requests from authenticated users only, so we have to follow these steps:

- Create a new request.
- Click the Request button
- Give your new request a name and description


Once you have done these steps, write the FQDN of your DNAC in the rest request URL.

In the Authorization tab below the URL field, pull down the Type menu, and select Basic Auth




Postman tool starts to send the request to the Cisco DNA Center instance and displays the response. If your credentials correct,  a JSON response body that looks like that:




Also would like to point out this you can get the code by any kind of language as you like through these steps, for example, will choose python and edit the script through IDLE.






Now you can change request (POST, GET, PUT, PATCH, Delete) as you need and start your Journey :)


Stay tuned for the next about the Automation Tool "Postman" with Cisco Digital Network Architecture Center environment.


*** I hope that has been informative for you and thank you ***
Mohamed Alhenawy


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