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Mohamed Alhenawy
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Cisco Digital Network Architecture Center Modules

(Design Module)Image repository Part.

  • In this article, we are going to talk about the Cisco Digital Network Architecture Center design Module, Repository Part.
  • Cisco DNA Center gives us the flexibility and scalability to configure multiple fabric sites and manage all of them even LAN or WLan through DNAC (Centralization Point).
  • The continuity of IT operations is the basis of today’s business environment. Almost every single decision made by the business is either based on an IT data or done using the IT platform. And so, the Design, security, availability, and performance of the IT infrastructure are the key foundation of a solid business and service environment.
  •  We wrote before about the DNAC deployment and some others in the previous Articles you can access them through this link: 

-You can store all software images for all the network devices in your campus fabric with full details, you can import and manage them through DNAC.

- NOTE: should be enabled transport layer security on the network devices.


Let’s start by step 1:


 Step 2: Press Import button



First option: You can choose the image from the local device through the Chose file icon and import the image.


Second option:  you can enter the image URL and connect with as the source.


Third option: You have an amazing option here if you want to import the image from the third party DNA support hat just press on the third party option and get your image.







Now we have store the software image on the Cisco DNA.
what's steps if we want to Provision Software Images, Just follow these few steps:

Step 1:  Provision -- > Devices -- > checkmark the device -- > Action -- > Software image -- > Update image .



You have two options here, the first option to update {  now or schedule } your update.


Important note:  Before pushing a software image to a device, Cisco DNA Center make checks on the network devices, such as the health of the CPU, RAM, PSU, disk space, If any checks fail, the software image operation is canceled.

Stay tuned for other parts about Cisco DNAC
*** I hope that has been informative for you and thank you ***
Mohamed Alhenawy


Martin L
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VIP Advisor


One place for all access, nice; thanks for sharing; Love animated Cisco logo, see  file gif

Mohamed Alhenawy
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Rising star

Thank you  @Martin L for your kind keywords.

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