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Mohamed Alhenawy
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Cisco Digital Network Architecture Center Modules (Design Module)Part.3

  • In this article, we are going to talk about the Cisco Digital Network Architecture Center design Module.
  • Cisco DNA Center gives us the flexibility and scalability to configure multiple fabric sites and manage all of them through DNAC (Centralization Point).
  • The continuity of IT operations is the basis of today’s business environment. Almost every single decision made by the business is either based on IT data or done using the IT platform. And so, the Design, security, availability, and performance of the IT infrastructure are the key foundation of a solid business and service environment.
  • In the previous article we spoke about device credentials and today we are going to write about [Ip address Pool].

What is the IP address Pool Service?

The Ip address pool services used to create a separate pool for each Subnet and there are two types of the pool, Type 1 is Generic type supporting for IPV4 and IPV6, Type 2 is tunnel type supporting for IPV4 only.

Note: Recommend to use type 2 for assign IP address for Site to site VPN.                                                                                                                               

  • How to configure Ip address Device Pool Services?


Design > Network Settings > IP Address Pools.

Ip address-13.JPG


Add Ip Pool include [ Ip pool name –Type of the pool – Ip address space – Ip subnet –Netmask- Gateway Ip address – DNS Server ] SAVEIp address-14.JPG


Note: DNA Give you options to choose your CIDR Prefix.Ip address-15.JPG

How to export Ip address pool from Cisco DNA center

Design > Network Settings > IP Address Pools > choose the pool > Action > Export.Ip address-16.JPG


How to import the ip address pool to Cisco DNA center

Design > Network Settings > IP Address Pools > Action > import from CSV File.

Note: you can download file format from DNAC.Ip address-17.JPG


*** I hope that has been informative for you and thank you ***

Mohamed Alhenawy



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