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Cisco XR 12000 Series routers combine the unparalleled innovation of Cisco IOS XR Software with the investment protection of the Cisco 12000 Series to offer secure virtualization, integral service delivery, continuous system operation, and multiservice scale. With upgradeable, intelligent routing solutions and platforms ranging from 2.5-Gbps to n x 10-Gbps capacity per slot, the Cisco XR 12000 Series facilitates the move to Next-Generation IP (Internet Protocol) Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Networks.

Powered by Cisco IOS XR Software, the Cisco XR 12000 Series isolates public and private services. Cisco IOS XR Software is a unique self-healing, self-defending operating system that equips the Cisco XR 12000 with distributed processing intelligence and robust quality-of-service and multicast mechanisms that help you scale capacity while accommodating customers.

The XR 12000 Series also supports both fixed and modular line cards (LCs), including a flexible Multi-Service Blade (MSB), which provides integral, route-aware virtual firewall and video/voice Session Border Control (SBC), eliminating the need for external appliances. And the I-Flex design offers a new portfolio of modular interfaces featuring shared port adapters (SPAs) and SPA interface processors (SIPs).

Learn how the Cisco 12000 Series Router enables the rapid deployment of new services that can generate revenue and reduce expenses.


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