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January 2018    |    Solution 1.0

Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) Deployment Guide

Cisco Validated Design (CVD) is now available.

Download Encrypted Traffic Analytics (Non-Fabric) CVD

We are pleased to announce that in December 2017 the Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) CVD Guide got published and is now available on Design Zone. This CVD covers Crypto Audit and Malware Detection in Encrypted Traffic.

Why Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA)?
The rapid rise in encrypted traffic is changing the threat landscape. As more businesses become digital, a significant number of services and applications are using encryption as the primary method of securing information.

What are the benefits of using ETA?

  • Security visibility
  • Cryptographic assessment
  • Faster time to response
  • Time and cost savings

Guide Overview:

Encrypted Traffic Analytics (Non-Fabric)

Deployment Considerations 

  • Enabling ETA and Flexible NetFlow in Campus Networks
  • Enabling ETA and Flexible NetFlow on Routers at the Edge and in WAN Branch Networks
Deployment Details
  • Configuring Cognitive Threat Analytics with Stealthwatch
  • Configuring the Catalyst 9300 or Catalyst 9400
  • Configuring the ISR4000 and ASR1000 Family of Routers
  • Performing a Crypto Audit and Investigating Malware

Download Link: Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) Deployment Guide

With the latest release of IOS-XE 16.6.2, ETA is now supported widely on network devices including:


  • C9300 series
  • C9400 series
  • ISR 1000 series
  • ISR 4000 series
  • ASR 1000 series
  • CSR 1000v
  • ISRv with ENCS 5000 series

Stealthwatch v6.9.2 with integrated Cognitive Analytics gains additional machine learning capabilities for analyzing the new data elements of Encrypted Traffic Analytics.

Feel free to use the feedback form at the end of the guide to send comments and suggestions.

ENB Solutions Team

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