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Janel Kratky
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Join us for the next Cisco  IOS Advantage Webinar, a 1-hour technical discussion on Media  Services Proxy (MSP) for enhanced media awareness and building plug-and-play media networks.

MSP is a software capability running on selected  Cisco routers and switches that can learn information about media  devices connected to them. For endpoints that use the standard signaling  protocols supported by MSP, no change should be required on the  endpoint side. Once the device and flows coming from endpoints are  identified, MSP provides a platform for the user to enforce policies in  the network that are aligned to business priorities in a logical and  intuitive manner.

MSP uses  lightweight packet inspection techniques on standards-based signaling  protocols and produces flow metadata attributes that can be shared among  network nodes. It uses a variety of standard signaling protocols (SDP,  SIP, H.323, H.245, RTSP, mDNS, etc.) to learn about the characteristics  of endpoints and applications from legacy systems and 3rd party  endpoints, allowing sharing of flow attributes amongst network nodes.  The information learnt can be seamlessly integrated with various other  services in the network like bandwidth reservation for flows,  differential treatment for these flows along the network, and easy  deployment of end points in the network.


  • Seamless  endpoint integration with the pervasive Cisco network that benefits a  wide installed base without endpoint upgrades or additional development
  • Ability to prioritize traffic based on  business policies for optimal quality
  • Reduced integration and deployment costs
  • Easy deployment and management of video  endpoints, which mitigates admin complexities: one of the key current  challenges in surveillance and conferencing space


Date: November 7, 2012

Time: 8am Pacific Time

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