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When the world moved inside, the idea of coming back to the office in any capacity was hard to imagine. Employees struggled to maintain productivity, safety was an ever-evolving definition, and offices sat vacant. But, as we’ve gradually attempted to return to normal, it’s become clear: normal is no longer and workspaces have changed. 

That’s why Cisco is committed to evolving our products for hybrid work and building future-ready capabilities for our customers’ continuously changing road ahead by introducing Cisco Smart Workspaces.  

Cisco Smart Workspaces from Cisco Spaces brings together the power of the Cisco portfolio, including Catalyst, Meraki, and Webex, to help enterprises create safer, smarter, and more enriching workplaces. The cloud-based solution helps people visualize real-time occupancy and indoor environmental conditions (think: air quality and temperature) and makes it easier to locate available meeting and collaboration spaces. 

Workspaces that were once referred to as “unknown” and “unprecedented” are now defined by employee safety, productivity, experience, and space utilization thanks to Cisco Smart Workspaces. 

Transform your buildings 

Cisco Smart Workspaces transforms flat floorplans into dynamic, interactive, 3D maps. It uses digital signage, such as Webex Boards, to provide contextual awareness, easily locate empty meeting rooms and desks, and find important points of interest. 

With these 3D maps, employees can easily access real-time occupancy and environmental information (like volatile organic compounds, temperature, humidity, noise levels, etc.) across a specific building, floor, or meeting room. IT and facilities teams can also monitor occupancy and air quality in real time, set alerts, and respond immediately when safety thresholds are crossed. 

Optimize your workspace 

Cisco Smart Workspaces provides IT and facilities teams with a better understanding of the physical workspace. And, by also leveraging Cisco Spaces to analyze usage patterns, run A/B tests, and review the impact of layout changes on productivity, organizations can improve space utilization and make decisions on consolidation or reconfiguration. 

With these insights, employers can improve employees’ experience and boost productivity by decreasing the amount of time it takes to find meeting rooms and desks. Employees can also visualize live meeting room and desk availability, and they can temporarily hold meeting rooms until they arrive, all with the touch of a button. 

Get started 

Cisco Smart Workspaces is available today. Smart Workspaces is accessed under the Cisco Spaces Act license tier. Cisco Spaces Act is available as an option with Cisco DNA Advantage or as an a la carte option. Here’s what else you may need to get started: 

  • For interactive 3D rich maps: Facility (CAD) maps. The Cisco Spaces mapping engine intelligently deconstructs facility maps and extracts data such as meeting rooms, desks, and amenities using AI/ML and transforms them into interactive, rich maps.  
  • For building and floor-level occupancy data: Wireless network (Catalyst or Meraki) or Cisco Meraki MV cameras. Enterprises spend as little as $1 per square foot per year on Smart Workspaces and can realize benefits up to $9 per square foot per year, assuming space optimization and employee productivity use cases have been deployed with recommended hardware.  
  • For floor-level environmental metrics: Cisco Catalyst access points, Webex devices, Meraki MT sensors, and/or third-party IoT sensors. Employees can use this information to make informed decisions about where they work and collaborate when in the office, while IT, facilities, and HR receive analytics to better utilize space, manage energy usage, and quickly act on health and safety concerns. 

Power a hybrid workplace that puts the focus on employee safety, productivity, experience, and space utilization, using rich maps and your existing network infrastructure. 

To learn more, watch the Getting Started: Cisco Spaces COVID Back to Business Ask the Experts session, which focuses on the features that will enable a safe transition to in office work, as well as the licenses and other requirements needed to get the most value out of Cisco Spaces.

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