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It is very important that the switches added to or removed from the switch stack are powered OFF.

Issue the switch provision global configuration command on the stack master in order to provision or supply a configuration to the new switch before it joins the switch stack. Issue the no form of this command in order to delete all configuration information associated with the removed switch.

Complete these steps in order to add a switch:

  1. Issue the switch stack-member-number provision type command.  

  2. Power off the new stack member.   

  3. Reconnect to the existing switch stack through the StackWise ports.  

  4. Power on the new stack member.    

Complete these steps in order to remove a switch:

  1. Power off the new stack member to be removed.       
  2. Remove the StackWise cable from the switch.   

    Note: The switch stack operation continues uninterrupted during membership changes unless the stack master is removed or powered-on standalone switches or switch stacks are added.

  3. Issue the command no switch stack-member-number provision command.       

Note: You must remove the specified switch from the switch stack before you use this command in order to delete a provisioned configuration.

Refer to the Switch Stack Membership section of Managing Switch Stacks for more information.

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