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Whenever you install a new card, module or Cisco IOS  Software image, verify that the router has enough memory and that the hardware and software are compatible with the features you are using.

To check for hardware and software compatibility and memory requirements, perform these steps:

  1. Choose the software for your network device by referring to Software Advisor.

    Perform these steps:

    1. Verify whether the modules and cards installed on the router are supported by the desired Cisco IOS Software version.
    2. Determine the Cisco IOS Software image that you need and choose the types of features that you will implement by referring to the Compare the features in different software releases section of Software Advisor.
  2. Check the minimum amount of memory (RAM and Flash) required by the Cisco IOS Software and download the Cisco IOS Software image by referring to Cisco IOS Upgrade Planner.

    Determine the amount of memory (RAM and Flash) installed on your router by referring to the Memory Requirements section of How to Choose a Cisco IOS Software Release.

    Choose from one of these options:

    • If you want to keep the same features as the version currently running on your router, but do not know which feature set you are using, issue the show version command on your router and paste the output into the Output Interpreter tool. If you plan to use recent software features, check for feature support.
    • If you need to upgrade the Cisco IOS Software image to a new version or feature set, refer to How to Choose a Cisco IOS Software Release.
  3. If you determine that a software upgrade is required, refer to the document that applies to your platform:

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